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Published: 21/03/2013

It looks like coffee, it is served like coffee, yet the latest drink to arrive in London is not, in fact, a new type of coffee – its tea. It’s made using South African rooibos – red bush – tea and tastes sweet or bitter depending on how you drink it. The Trafalgar Hotel off Trafalgar Square has just launched its menu of Roispresso, drinks made with red bush tea blended with different flavours including chamomile, mint or goji, then brewed in seven ways – from macchiato and espresso to latte and cappuccino…Overall, mint is my favourite; I could imagine drinking the espresso shot after a filling dinner while the iced tea version – sweetened with two spoonfuls of coconut sugar and served in a tall glass – is like a cocktail.

What’s On

Theatre breaks at the Trafalgar

Theatre breaks at the Trafalgar
Just 7 minutes away from theatreland, you can now book tickets to West End shows and enjoy a memorable stay at the Trafalgar hotel.

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